first update from BMXWORLDS'09

Third possessed years where I go to Cologne Germany for world bmxcontest.The differences with previous they was that we began 4 friends for there and wanted come other 16 from Greece.Finally we became 20 and in Germany it prevailed a Greek chaos. And we had a big problem with the weather it rained all the time. Some fotos from Bmxworlds'09 for beginnig.I prepare second update bmxworlds'09 in Cologne whoever will be very possible.

George Felekis

George Felekis is one of the best riders in greece!!Is very important for us that we have this rider in our country!!He loves bmx over 20 years and he still love it!!He helps every rider and is the onlyone in greece who knows how to build a right ramp or alrigth dirt!George also help me with my ramp AND i will thank him for ever!!BIG RESPECT TO GUYS LIKE GEORGE!!!!LEARN YOUR HESTORY!!!!!!!!
fotos:Korina Dimi