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Il Butta BMX contest December 2012..

Panos Manaras,Kostas Adamopoulos ,Lolos,Nick Goumas,Lefteris PRG, Filipakos,and Kazanas were at Pavia Italy  for this  competition.Panos Manaras took first place  at miniramp competition and second at box jam and Kostas took the ninth place at miniramp..everyone from bigiati want to say  big thank you to Luigi and il butta shop and park for Great times... love you all....  check this out   film and edit  by Ludovico Watson

IL BUTTA BMX CONTEST 2012 from Ludovico Watson on Vimeo.


Warehouse Best trick edtit.. 13/1/2013

This is a video from warehouse  best trick and BBQ Gutlessbmx.filming /editing by SIFIS..

Gutlessbmx B.B.Q warehouse (ΚΑΝΕ ΗΣΥΧΙΑ 13-01-2013) from sifis on Vimeo.


George Manos 'The Humbling"

Flatland bmx is very intense and demands huge levels of patience . Sometimes its even harder to perform on demand or in front of a camera. As riders we all have spent hours and hours trying to pull our hardest tricks. Start-fail-restart-fail -restart and so on. During this time a game of persistense and giving up goes on in our head. This is the process of "The Humbling". In the end you either end up victorious or not. As I was filming George I was impressed by his drive , persistense and mildness of his riding and character. The colouring in this vid depicts exactly what my impression of his riding is . Mystic . This is part 1 of a series of vids on his flatland bmx skills.

George Manos " The Humbling" from Tasos Kosmatopoulos on Vimeo.


Bogitiland Video Contest 13,14 OCT 2012..

This is our 3rd BMX contest in 3years ina arow ! This time a two day gathering full of bmx riding in our Homespot in Ag.STefanos in Athens, GREECE in 13-14 October 2012 / Street ,Mini and Dirt .We built a fun new street section and we remodelled our miniramp! Bogiatiland delivers folks! Enjoy what went down! Footage gathered by several filmers .. Thanks to ANAS MANSOUR, ANDREW VASILIADIS & LEONIDAS GERMANOPOULOS for holding their cameras more than they held their beers those days! cheers and a happy new year

Bogiatiland contest 13-14 October 2012 from Tasos Kosmatopoulos on Vimeo.