Geoff Slattery Rolling with the Punches

The Albion's Steve Bancroft cooked up a plan for an article involving some portable transitions made by Rob Ridge, a van, some tools, Portugal & Geoff Slattery. These ingredients would hopefully result in making spots out of nothing at some epic locations. You'll find out that is didn't all go quite to plan by reading the full article in Albion #7, 30ft gaps, black eyes and curses were only the start, but Geoff's spirit turned what could have been a long and painful exercise into something quite unique. This video has footage from all the photos and behind the scenes action showing what it took to get that magazine article done. 'It's been one of those weeks for me, you have those weeks where nothing goes right, where there's nothing you can do but roll with the punches' The Albion

Tasos Kosmatopoulos part of When the week ends>!

This is Tasos Kosmatopoulos,part of when the week end Bogiatiland video .Tasos is filmer of this video editor and he has many skills of riding.! thank you Tasos for your Great job on this video! you are awesome body!


Haris Nisiwtis 5 fresh shot!

After 5 months ago Haris had an accident that forced him to do a surgery to cruciate knee and be off for some time!But now we riding everyday.Well come back bro!

Photo of the Week with George Manos

GEORGE MANOS trick:MEDOUSA George is the best flatland rider in Greece he rides brakeless and pegless. The trick he called Medusa and it is the George signature trick! I Love it!


Kostas Adamopoulos Part of bogiatiland video "When the week ends"

This is Kostas Adamopoulos section from Bogiatiland's debut full length bmx video titled "When the week Ends". A very good friend for ages , trails and ramps builder ,all around rider with nice style! Enjoy!


Corey Martinez-video.How to build a ledge.

It's too easy. Get out of your house, take some stuff and start riding .is like( do it by yourselves). let do it.


Our good friend from Italy Team mate with P.Manras sponsor by IL Butta Shop shredin at ilbutta park!

Panagiotis Manaras simpel session interview.

check thiss out on www.gutlessbmx.com

This is Geoff Slattery..owww My God.!

Another Anthem II declassified edit went up online today, and this time it features unseen footage from Geoff Slattery’s epic section from Anthem II. This is just over 3 minutes of awesome Slattery clips with a mixture of street, trails, park and T1 ramp in there. Do we even need to say this is one to watch today? Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson.

some fresh riding from TOM DUGAN.

Tom Dugan’s Jameson 2 Eco shoe from etnies is now available and to mark the occasion they have released this 3 minute gem of an edit. All raw footage of Tom going insane at a bunch of pretty epic spots.

George Manos in London .One of the best flatland rider,dude from Greece.check this video.

While in London Heresy rider George Manos visited me in my home town to film 4 quick combo's. A truly unique path he is on with his pegless style of riding.


Next video part of Bogiatiland "When the week ends" Haris Nisiwtis killing everything. stay tuned for the next part,.!

This is Haris Nisiotis part from Bogiatiland's debut full length bmx video titled "When the week Ends". Our youngest team member with pure determination and lots of skills! Keep an eye on this one!

Bogiatiland 'when the week ends" Part stelios galatianos/lefteris xaralabidis.

This is the split section of Stelios Galatianos (#103 Motocross champion in Greece and fellow bmx rider) and Lefteris Charabidis from the Bogiatiland debut full length bmx video titled "When the week Ends". They are two very close friends of us and always fun guys to ride with. Enjoy


Bogiatiland'when the week ends' friends part .enjoy

This is our Friends section from Bogiatiland's debut full length bmx video titled "When the week Ends".
Good friends on and off their bikes always happy to have sessions! Enjoy


Panagiotis Manaras part of the When the week ends Bogiatiland video!

Bogiatiland- When the week ends- Panagiotis Manaras from Tasos Kosmatopoulos on Vimeo.

This is Panagiotis Manaras part from Bogiatiland's debut full length bmx video titled "When the week Ends".
One of the most progressive riders in Greece who loves to go high with tricks while also being a very technical
all-around rider!