Bogiatiland news!!!!

Unfortunately during our last trip in Thesaloniki after 3 days of full riding our friend tassos kosmatopoulos got ingured on the right ankle while pulling a manual to 180 on the deck of the spine. He will have to rest now for a month or a little more and we wish him to get well as fast as possible so we can ride and continue building together in bogiati again!

John Manaras is off piranha & 2dk team.He say:i would like to thank dimitris and the other guys for supporting me all those years!good luck to all of us!

All pictures are from ilias mertis!


Cristmass session on the miniramp!!

in x mass some people drink wine,some people eat turkey and some people give presents,
we decided to go and ride the ramp.
happy new year with lots and lots of ridding and love... from b.l.c
(All pictures taken from korina,thanx)
john manaras 360
x - up one foot
kostas adamo, euro table one foot
nac - nac
panos manaras, 360
no hands
no foot can can
stelios galatianos (103), invert
nick karamo, table


ricky adam!!!

Ricky Adam - 2010 in Photographs from Ricky Adam on Vimeo.

this rider-artist rules alot!!!check this out!!