Panagiotis Manaras -Stellan X Austin Texas!

This is a highlights video of Panagiotis Manaras riding during his short visit in Bmx mecca ,Austin TX. All footage filmed with GOPRO cameras by Panagiotis,Stelios Galatianos and Andreas Yiakoumis. Thanks to T-1 owner , bmx legend Joe Rich and all the locals that allowed Panagiotis to ride and film in their spots. Big thanks to Andreas for his hospitality and a big thanks to RedBull Hellas for making this trip happen.
Video editing by Tassos Kosmatopoulos

Panagiotis Manaras X Austin Texas from Tasos Kosmatopoulos on Vimeo.

or Check it here:http://gutlessbmx.com/videos/855-panagiotis-manaras-x-austin-texas.html

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